Media and Crisis Management
Media and Crisis Management Media and Crisis Management Media and Crisis Management Media and Crisis Management Media and Crisis Management

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10 Crisis Communications Action Steps

10 Steps To Winning Executive Presentations

10 Ways to Attract Media Attention

15 Must-do’s For a Layoff

20 years of crisis management = these principles to remember

3 Ways To Avoid Sounding Scripted in Media Interviews

33 miners media trg + news conf tips

3rd Party Oversight – Helpful in Crisis Investigations

8 Things Your Speech Must Contain

9 popular crisis mgt tips that sometimes don’t work

A Case of Too Late

A Grabbag of Great Advice

A Sniper: Now What Do You Say?

A Transplant Tragedy and the Response

A Veteran’s Tips For Surviving the Media

A Violent Attack on Company Property – Case Study

Act Fast – Case 1

Act Fast – Case 2

Acting Insights Into More Powerful Presentations

Aggravating Media – Understanding Them

Alert – Reporters may race to break your story first

An ER Chief Demonstrates Good Crisis Communications

Announcing A Layoff to a Round of Applause

Answer Tough Questions to Maintain Your Credibility

Apology – Oprah Style

As a Leader, Are You A Motivational Speaker?

Athletes Need to Focus Messages Too

Attacked On the Web!

Avoid Adlibbing to a Reporter

Avoid Violence in the ER – and Elsewhere

Avoiding A PR Hole – Southwest Airlines

Avoiding the 5 Stages of Scandal

Be Prepared

bin Laden – SEALS – and rising to a challenge

Boston Bombings + CNN + The Media Need For Speed

BP debacle – Fix it rather than talk about it

Calling the Media for Help? Be Careful! Ask Tesla

Can leaders cry in a crisis?

Can You Respond as Fast as Northern Illinois Univ?

Candidates Must Focus Their Messages

Candidates need to protect us – not fight each other

China Earthquake Response – Stunning and Instructive

Communication Lessons From the Krispy Kreme IPO Road Show – Part II

Communications Lessons From the Krispy Kreme IPO – Part I

Consultants Can Sometimes Hurt

Coping With The Fear of Public Speaking

Cosmetics of Communicating

Credibility – How to Avoid Losing It

Crisis and Communications Lessons From Events in the News

Crisis Leadership the U.S. Marine Corps Way

Crisis Lessons From a Store Bombing

Crisis Lessons Learned From Airline Tragedy

Crisis Lessons the Hard Way – Firestone

Crisis Management From the Heart

Crisis Management Insights From 9/11

Crisis Planning Lessons From Tragedy

Crisis? Get Your Best Response in the First Story

Cronkite and Me

Curing “CEO Disease” and other communication ills

Customer Service Debacle – At an airport!

Cutting employees? Be sensitive! Here’s how

Deadly Crisis – And Surviving It

Dealing Calmly with National Bad Publicity

Dealing With An Avalanche of Media

Death and a career – trying to save a reputation

Death by Journalism?

Deliver Bad News Fast to the Right Audience

Delivering Bad News At Banks And Keeping Customers

Design – It’s Impact on You & Your Business

Disappearing Newspapers – and YOU

Do Something!

Do you owe it to yourself to become an entrepreneur?

Do Your Speeches Connect With Your Audience?

Don’t be cavalier about your presentation gear prep

Don’t have “Rutgers” in your future – fix the problem

Don’t Overlook Stakeholders in a Crisis

Don’t Let Your Company Be A Sitting Duck

Don’t Overreact In A Crisis

Duck Dynasty Flap – What, if anything, did we learn?

Duke Lacrosse – Action, But Late

Duke Lacrosse Crisis – How the City Protected its Reputation

Duke Lacrosse: The University Got More Right Than Wrong

Embezzlement – How to Deal With It

Fighting Back in PR – Sometimes it Works

Fired employees – treat it like a family death

Firing Juan Williams – emotional decision making?

Fix it, don’t fight with reporters

Follow The Reassurance Principle Out Of A Crisis

Food Fraud Culprits Ought to Get Slammed by the Law

Forget Notifying Stakeholders At Your peril

From ridicule to readiness – Learning From Intel’s 1990’s crisis turnaround

GAO – Schools (and businesses) not ready for emergency

Gesturing In Presentations and the Media – Don’t Fake It!

Get Media Training But Know What You’re Getting

Get the Right Consultant – Case Study

Get to Know Reporters – A Personal Story

Get Your Side In the First News Story

Given BP – Should Your CEO Be Spokesperson

Global Crisis Management – Know the Culture!

Going on the Offense to Benefit Community and Company

Goldman Sachs – Do this – not that

Good actions need Good Communications in a crisis

Good Crisis Response, Poor Internal Comms?

Good leaders can’t afford bad speeches

Goodbye to NPR’s Bob Edwards

Great Crisis Response Lessons in Action

Haiti Earthquake and the Response Dilemma

Health Insurance Costs – A Cancer on Your Business?

Hospitals vs. Insurers – let’s stop the fighting

How Can You Know the Truth When You Vote?

How to Avoid a Battle of the Soundbites

How to Give a Powerful Interview – the late Dr. Joyce Brothers

How to Give a Speech That Will Always Win

How To Give a Walk and Talk Speech

How to Squelch Internet Rumors

Improve Your Presentations – The Late Bill Gove

Improvise training – Sometimes it is the Best Strategy

Imus is back – Good!

Insights From Tom Peters

Intellectual Violence in the Press

Internet Crisis Protection

Internet Rumors and dealing with them

Investigative Journalism – Don’t attract it

Iraq War Communications – A Report Card

Is it Fair? A good principle to know

Is it Really Media Overkill?

Is that any way to deal with an accident?

Is your brand safe? The Komen Crisis

It’s the Audience – Stupid

It’s the Message, Stupid!

It’s not the voice, it’s the message!

JFK Assassination – My recollection 50 years later

Jindal speech stumble – is he now recovering

John Edwards Communications Turnaround

Keep Reporters Out of Jail

Lance Armstrong & Oprah – what was THAT all about?

Laying Off your People With Class

Leaders Must be Crisis ManagersToo

Learning From the “Iron Man” of Local TV

Legal vs PR – Which is Right in a Crisis?

Let Your Heroes Show You the Way

Letterman – good start but now what

Life & Leadership Lessons From a Wise Friend

Lightning Speed – Your Reputation Life-Saver

Listening! A vital communications skill

Local PR Mess – Dell

Mass Casualties – What Hospitals Must Do

Mass Shootings – Think prevention as well as response

Media Training – Don’t Let it Screw Up Your Natural Communications Style

Media Training – Insurance in Your Hip Pocket

Mel Gibson & Personal reputation management

Michael and Janet Jackson – On needing someone to say no

Mine Explosion – Crisis Communication Lessons

Miracle on the Hudson – Lightning Speed the Crisis Norm

More From The Late Jim Farr – on Leadership

Motivating Yourself To Change Your Life

Murdoch – 5 reasons his actions aren’t working

Murdoch – Will he survive?

My Best Tips on How to Survive or Succeed in this Tough Economy

Need A Crisis Plan? Here’s What To Do

Negative Campaigning – Sometimes It’s Revealing!

Netflix – 6 things it showed us not to do

New Crisis Lessons – Bad and Good

News helicopter crashes – What’s going on?

Obama – Does His World Glad-Handing Work?

Obama and the Pope

Obamacare – What the heck went wrong

OJ Simpson and Princess Diana: Powerful Events With a Communications Lesson


On getting back to normal after the attack

Packing A Box Full of Creative PR

Paris Hilton & Michael Jackson – Celebrity Crisis PR

Perception Can Kill Your Company

Petraeus Scandal – What now for those involved?

Pink Slime – What PR Bomb do you have ticking?

Please! Don’t Hesitate When Your Reputation Is On The Line

Post Traumatic Stress – One Saga

Preparing For a Critical Press Interview

Preparing For Job (In)Security

Preparing To Take Your Company Public – from the archives

Present Well or Die

Presentation Authenticity: Sister Wendy

Punching Up A Speech You Didn’t Write

Puppy Mill bill passes in Missouri – great – here is why

Putting Humor Into Presentations

Reporters – How to Deal With A Troublesome Journalist

Reporters – Like Businesses – Have to Keep Their Noses Clean

Reporters aren’t the problem – You may be!

Restaurant Food Crisis – How one business tackled it

Rudy Giuliani – Crisis Leadership At Work

Rumsfeld – Why he is down now – and what you can learn from it

Rumsfeld Shows How to Communicate

Rush Limbaugh/Sponsors – get it over with

Sales Great Bill Brooks’ legacy

Save Employee Lives – Drill

Set Your Media Expectations Low In A Crisis

Should you fight reporters – Obama vs Fox

Should Your Board Be the Crisis Team

Sidestepping crisis: action at lightning speed

Slow Response Characterizes a Teacher/Sex Case

Social Media and Your Reputation

Somebody is watching you: what are you doing/saying?

Sometimes It Is Best To Simply Say, “I’m Sorry!”

Sometimes It’s Best to Shut Up During a Crisis

Speak up – Steve Jobs

Speakers – Please stop that!

Speed does NOT always save you in a crisis

Spin Control is NOT Damage Control

Surviving A Crisis Psychologically

Surviving Starting Your Own Business

Taking the Entrepreneurial Leap At 50

Talk to Reporters – But Watch Every Word You Say

Teams more than plans may save you in a crisis

Teamwork Critical To Crisis Management

The 3-option Approach to Crisis Management

The Banks – Avoid Answering Emotions With Fact

The Beatles in Retrospect

The Best PR Is No Help Sometimes

The Death of a Leadership Program?

The Dishonesty Behind Japan’s Tsunami Aftermath

The Future of News and How to Prepare For it

The Golden Hour – A lesson from the sniper attack

The Hard Lesson of Having Nothing to Say

The Hillary Effect – Communicating From the Gut

The Power of Apology

The Power of Storytelling

The Power of the Watchdog – Eliot Spitzer

THIS is how the CEO should relate to reporters

Tiger Attack in SF – Zoo response

Tiger Woods – Damage to his Partners

Tiger Woods – privacy vs coming clean

Tim Russert: His legacy

Tom Cruise Shows Businesspeople How Not to Talk to the Media

Tony Blair – How to Communicate In a Crisis

Toyota – the good bad and ugly

Toyota Tylenol and Tiger

Transparency – It Can Avoid a Crisis – Financial or otherwise

Tsunami – And What Are You Doing With Your Life?

Tucson shooting – what you should learn from it

UNC Chief Tom Ross Connects With Speeches

Unscrupulous Reporters

Using the Internet to Change Lives As Well As Business

Va Tech Misery Helps Other Schools

Virginia Tech Shootings – The Crisis Response

Vote Intelligently – But How?

Wage Peace! – A Good Crisis PR Strategy?

Wake Forest addresses a Racist Article

War Horrors Linger For Years

Watch your mouths – leaders

Weiner – “Bad answers” signaled lying

What to Say and Do When Things Go Wrong

What was THAT speech about?

What We Can All Learn From Those 19 Firefighters

When Communicating – To Thine Own Self Be True

When Did You Learn About It: What Did You Do About It?

When do you fight to protect your reputation?

When journalism goes wrong

When Should the CEO Be Spokesperson?

When to Call All Media For Help

Whose got your back ?- The Michael Richards debacle

WikiLeaks threatens – are you ready for leaks

Words Are Not Enough

Worst-Case Questions – Your Secret Weapon in a Crisis

Would-be President John Edwards – Some Communications Thoughts

You Are Not Your Mind – The Late Jim Farr

Your Best Friend in a Crisis

Your Community Track Record May Be Your Best Crisis Protection